Tasks & Aims
BAG FORSA is a trans-regional network representing the interests of associations throughout Germany that are committed to ending sexual violence against girls and women.
Founded in 1997 and recognised as a nonprofit association.

  Feminist Organizations against Sexual Aggression

Tasks & Aims
Member Organizations
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BAG FORSA aims to provide information opposing sexual violence in public.
We respond in an appropriate manner to the scandalisation and playing-down of attacks on the dignity of girls and women.

BAG FORSA supports the continued activity of existing organizations against sexual violence as well as the establishment of new organizations.
Violence is not an isolated phenomenon; it calls for co-ordinated and joint counter-strategies.

BAG FORSA represents the interests of its member organizations in co-operating with the authorities, associations and similar establishments.
Joint strategies make it easier for us to present our interests on a sustainable basis.

BAG FORSA co-ordinates co-operation among member organizations opposing sexual violence.
Exchanges and co-ordination mean better quality counselling. Networked structures render the requirements placed on the organizations’ activities more transparent and more intelligible.

BAG FORSA is contributing towards competent, methodological exchanges.
We organise meetings of specialists, as well as seminars and congresses. New scientific knowledge is useful in improving quality assurance in the psychosocial care provided by projects.

BAG FORSA is contributing towards the establishment of a European network of feminist projects opposing sexual violence.
Within the framework of world-wide globalisation we are overcoming local, regional and national modes of perception.

BAG FORSA supports the development of new methods.
We provide advanced and further training trans-regionally in a way that benefits prevention and intervention.

BAG FORSA develops new financing concepts in times marked by changes and cuts in social services.

BAG FORSA was carrying out a quality-assurance project among member organizations.
After all: good work is the basis for providing appropriate support to people in need of help. This project was financed by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youths from 2001 to 2003.


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